Monday, June 25, 2007

White Italian Cafe

Another restaurant launch. Another dressy affair. Here's what they wore.

After Isha Koppikar's Christmas tree gown in Aaj Ki Raat, celebs have actually taken to this shapeless, fluffy monstrosity.

Why you
would want to wear a plumy sack is beyond me...
Here is Achala Sachdev...

Look at it this way: when she gets sick of the dress, she can make a nice antique parasol out of it!!

Tanaaz Currim now works and campaigns for the Shiv Sena. Well, what else can explain the screaming orange/saffron?

Someone who I thought was turned out simple and casual was Archana Puran Singh. Jeans and tee and not desperate to fight the age!

Anupama Verma
lost her way to the gypsy carnival. What could've turned out to be quite a nice ensemble just ended up TACKY. That honestly looks likes an export reject off Janpath.

Shayan and Piya... As I've said before, I am a big supporter of the celebrity dress-down. It's nice to keep things casual every now and then. But casual DOES NOT mean scruffy... and remember it, like you would a mathematical formula... CASUAL does not equal SCRUFFY...

Uff. You two look like you need a bath!!

Someone who disappointed me considerably was Rajit Kapoor. I have always admired him as an actor and didn't think he was capable of any massive fugs. But... umm... I thought he was a serious actor, not an O Re Kaanchi extra from the movie Ashoka.

Fashion-wise, nothing noticably (in a nice way) white, or Italian about the White Italian cafe launch. Drab. Just hope the food's better.

It's Monday morning and i'm staring at the face of a long dreary week ahead.
I'm heading for a greasy breakfast in our shady cafeteria. (Which in all probability will be toast soaked in that awful butter substitute or paranthas which are have unintended live active culture in them.)
I sincerely hope the rest of you have had a better, more edible brekky!!

Oh, and in case any of you're interested... Jimmy Choo stores will be launching in Mumbai... real soon!! My toes are positively tingling with anticipation...

Have a great week ahead.
Fug not and stay hot.


Mimi said...

Cute site girlie. It's fun to see More Indian bfashion/gossip writers. Come visit me sometime :)


emilystrange said...

thank you thank you!! and i love ur site by the way... been checking it out!