Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Apne Premiere

The Deols sure did outshine Himesh with the premiere of Apne, but there were still a couple of fugs that couldn't be missed.

This strange stitching along the seams thing is getting big in Bollywood. Zayed did it with his jeans, and now Ritesh with his jacket. Nuh-uh.

Jaya aunty, that is indeed a lovely saree but that purse would better be seen on a Bandra teenybopper's arm. Or, Preity Zinta's!!!

Shamita Shetty was looking quite nice in a white dress. I'm glad she finally wore something that suited her body type. Takes away from the short length of her torso and her bustiness.

Kareena Kapoor looked chic and glam in her simple jeans and top ensemble. One thing many pancaked-Bollywood ladies can learn from her: Kareena really does practise the less-is-more trend when it comes to makeup, and always looks fresh and classy. Props, Bebo!

I looked at Kangna and thought wow!! She's finally wearing something sophisticated and smart and non-toddler...

And then you look again and realize it's just the same tired OshKosh B'Gosh romper outfit. Toddler Kangna was chaperoned by Granny Zinta who has apparently broken her back and is therefore wearing a back brace. Get well soon, Granny!

Aryan Vaid, yes, we all notice that you are in possesssion of a D&G jacket. Thanks for draping it over your arm, so we could all get a better look at the tag and confirm if it really was original.

If there's anything more pitiable than ageing and out-of-work female models, it's ageing and out of work male models.

The newsroom has been absolutely insane today, and I nearly got into an ideological war with my colleagues over the company's hiring policy. Why must we, the faster, more efficient workers have to work twice as much because of the incompetence of some lesser mortals?

I kid you not. A 24 year old grown woman walked into office, sat at the sandwich bar for an HOUR and walked into the newsroom late because she "had been crying and didn't want anyone in the newsroom to notice."

I looked at her and said, honey, this is a newsroom. You have to report on time for your shift so that the previous shift can leave. You could be bleeding to death at your desk and no one would care... Which of course, made her start crying again!!!

Which meant that I got fucked in the end for making her cry, coz I had to stay back and help the teary-eyed dumbfuck (who was now truly not in working condition) edit a story.

Moral of the story: Dumbfucks will be dumbfucks, and if you're smart, too bad,you'll just hafta take on more! It's no wonder that people in this profession are highy susceptible to coronary disease.

Before my BP goes any higher,

Fug not and stay hot.



Anonymous said...

Love you bitchiness about bollywood. But a little hard to accept coming from someone as fug ugly as you.
Also, intellectual journalist "weather girl", everyone had the same reaction about the company's hiring policy when they hired you.

emilystrange said...

Ooooh lala... well anonymous, appreciate the cattiness... pity ur choosing to remain anonymous though! would have loved to get to know you better :)

bharath said...

Hello Madam, what hap to your articles. didnt get a good subject ?

bharath said...

has been a long time. Get us something new :)

pi said...

seriously u should update, your posts are really funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear,

You have totally forgot about ur blog. What happened ? Got engaged ? Thats the only thing i can think of

-- Bharath

SONA said...

Yeah!!! You're back... its funny how I mustve seen these pics before. Nonetheless I watch em at ure site just for ure comments. Peace.

dRoZzY!!! said...

i was trying my luck with your second post....

this whole show sucks!!!
you rock coz they suck!!!
what a job

Anonymous said...

love you darlin'. Yes, that's our lot. when are you getting your own show on telly?