Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Real Fug Story!!!

Himesh Reshammiya is like a cockroach. You hate him so, so much, you wanna squash him with your foot till the white goo comes out. At the same time, you just can't ignore him.

Ancient proverb: He who has no confidence in himself hides beneath a cover.

HimeshSpeak: I'm ugly and I have no personality so I wear a cap ALL THE FRIKKIN TIME. Oh yeah and I have yukky hair too.

The man clearly has a congenital defect. Look what he's wearing...

Himesh, a jacket over ANOTHER jacket was never a fashion statement. And that exposed upperchest is really givin me the heebie-jeebies. Ewww. I swear I can see razor-induced ingrowths.

I sincerely believe the mans needs clinical help if he actually thinks he looks good in this get-up. HIMESH YOU ARE UGLY, deal with it.


Perakath said...

Tee hee... have you seen his movie? I hear it's CRAP!

Sania said...

Love your comments sweetheart. Incidentally, was really looking forward to read your take on the fashion disasters that got paraded during the premiere of Apne

emilystrange said...

i wanted to put that in yesterday, unfortunately was too busy at work! it's up next :)

Anonymous said...

u r a fuckall blogger. deal with it